Whilst we are still in the midst Covid-19 and how our lives are changing dramatically like something out of a Black Mirror episode, one area that has seen an increase is being active and undertaking more exercise outdoors. This has been a really positive addition in many people’s lives, and has ensured that the monotony of staying indoors at home is broken up with fresh air, exercise and an appreciation for being outdoors in its natural setting.


In this post I wanted to discuss the benefits of exercise on our skin.  While we’re all well versed on the health benefits of exercise, there is growing evidence suggest that it could be beneficial for your complexion. This post will prove that the combination of a consistent skin care routine featuring high quality products (such as  Skin Heal’s serums and Face cream) and good lifestyle habits is key for beautiful-looking skin.


A 2014 study by researchers at Canada’s McMaster University found that exercising can actually reverse skin ageing (even when it’s taken up later in life), and that people who exercised regularly sported younger-looking skin than their peers. Furthermore, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), some studies indicate that moderate exercise can improve circulation and boost the immune system. As a result, you may experience more youthful-looking skin.


Some of the old common misconceptions about exercise was that it can lead to breakouts, such as acne. In fact, a cardio workout may do quite the opposite. Exercise reduces inflammation (one of the main causes of acne), plus it levels out cortisol, the ‘stress’ hormone, which, among other things, can trigger flare-ups.


Here are 4 KEY BENEFITS OF EXERCISE and your skin.



Did you know that exercising can increase your heart rate and blood flow to your muscles? This can not only help you feel more energized, but it can also impact your skin’s appearance.



Stress can take a toll on your body—and your skin. The facial tension and a general malaise that can be caused by stress can lead to your skin appearing less radiant, and can increase breakouts and a dull skin appearance. Exercising can relieve stress and release feel-good endorphins that can leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. By taking steps to help reduce the stress you’re experiencing, you can help pave the way towards beautiful-looking skin.



On days you exercise you may already notice that you have an easier time falling asleep. Not only can exercise help you snooze faster, but it can also improve the quality of your sleep as well. When you are well rested, it’s only right for your skin to look the same. The term ‘beauty sleep’ is no myth. It’s during deep sleep that our skin refreshes and renews itself. If you strip that time away with sleepless nights, your skin won’t be able to look and feel its best. 



Regular exercise can build muscle mass so your body appears more toned and fit. According to the AAD, replacing fat with muscle can help your skin appear smoother and firmer. It may also make cellulite less noticeable. It can also assist with ensuring better defined facial features, such as the chin and jawline.



It may seem common knowledge, but it bears repeating, that if you’re exercising outside, slather on a good quality SPF prior to your workout.  Moreover, tying your hair into a top knot can deter pore-clogging oils from gravitating towards the skin during a workout. Use our PURE SILK HAIR SCRUNCHIE.



Post-workout, resist the urge to over-scrub, as frictional irritation can aggravate the skin. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser to slough away sweat and debris. Following gentle cleansing, use one of Skin Heal’s serums, such as our calm and gentle BALANCE & HYDRATE SERUM. Wait 5-10 minutes, then apply a pea sized amount of Skin Heal’s ULTRA PROTECT FACE CREAM.


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